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Christian School

Reflecting the light of the Bright Morning Star


Did You Know?

MorningStar Provides ...

Downloadable Forms for

High School Record-Keeping


Transcript Preparation

Transcript Submission to Colleges

Bright Futures Scholarship Preparation & 



for Curriculum Selection

or Special Needs

MorningStar Christian School meets all

Florida Private School Requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services does MorningStar Christian School provide?

We at MorningStar want to insure that your child meets the Florida State Statutes' requirements, so we keep copies of the state required forms. These records include the 180 day Attendance Report, School Physical Form, Immunization Forms (K & 7th Grade), and Kindergarten Birth Certificate, which are required for the FL DOE. (See the Enroll/Forms page for information on Enrolling with MCS. Please note that enrollment is currently being accepted on a Waiting List.)

2. How do these services help Parents?

These services partner with the parent to provide a quality homeschool education to their child, without turning in paperwork to the public school district.

3. What doesn't MorningStar Christian School provide?

We do not provide curriculum. However, our parents may make an appointment for a consultation for curriculum advice. We do have certain curricula we recommend.

Ask our Administrator for a fee schedule for a non-member consultation if you are not registered with MorningStar Christian.

4. How do I locate support groups in my area?

The Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) is Florida's leading provider of home schooling information in regards to District Representatives, Conventions, Support/School/Co-op groups in your region just to name a few. For more information on the FPEA, go to our related links icon to link you to their official website.

5. What do the various "600" numbers mean in regard to non-public schools and home schooling?

The term "600" schools is used to describe private schools (for homeschoolers) that are incorporated under Florida Corporate/Business statutes/chapters 607, 617, or 623 from the Florida Senate - The number identifying the school refers to the school's corporate status. Private schools are not legally required to be incorporated, but incorporation does guarantee the school a maximum measure of legal protection.

"607" schools are for profit enterprises and are incorporated under the state's normal business statute.

"617" schools are incorporated as nonprofit organizations. This statute applies to all nonprofits in Florida. These schools are not under or regulated by a board of directors.

"623" schools are for profit and fall under the Florida statue dealing specifically with creating a private school. These schools must comply with special geographical and tax restrictions. They also adhere to a board of directors.

6. How are private schools regulated in Florida?

There are a few regulations which all private/non-public schools must follow. They must register as a non-traditional private school and fill out an annual database survey. MorningStar Christian School is listed in Okaloosa County. Here is list of Florida non-traditional private schools:

7. Do private schools have to be accredited?


Not all private schools are accredited because Accreditation is voluntary. The Department of Education writes, "Private schools operate as a business or under a church and are regulated accordingly. They are not licensed, approved, accredited or regulated as schools by the state. Accreditation is not a state function and state law does not require that private schools be accredited. " Check with the private school you are considering for it's accreditation position.

MorningStar has chosen to not pursue accreditation because we don't want government control over our curriculum choices.

8. What curriculum must I follow?

This will be dictated by the private school. Each school has different requirements. Some schools will require you to follow a curriculum. Some leave this option in the hands of the parents. Find a school that respects and fits your family's lifestyle and needs. MorningStar Christian School doesn't control the curriculum used by our parents, however, we are able to advise parents about curriculum selection. We do have certain curriculum we can recommend, depending on your homeschooling style, however, we do not accept unschoolers.

9. Do I have to report to the County?

No, once registered as a private school students, the County does not govern your program. Records will be turned in to your private school. However, if your child was previously registered as a "Home Education Program Student" with the County, you must send the County a Letter of Termination. Your letter of termination ends your enrollment with the County and you are not obligated to adhere to the "Home Education Program" statutes after you send in your letter of termination.

10. What about testing and evaluations in the private school program?

Every private school has different requirements. Some are required by their accreditation agency to use specific tests. However, there are no tests or evaluations mandated by the state.

11. What records should a private school keep?

This will vary according to which private school you choose. Non-public schools must keep a record of attendance, medical and immunization records or exemptions. Please refer to the "Online Sunshine Florida Legislature" at for complete information. You can also view the annual form that all private schools must submit each year to the state at the DOE (Department of Education) website.

12. Can I enroll in a private school that is not in my county?

Yes, you can enroll in any private school that does not adhere to a specified county/counties. It can be an internet correspondence course or an out-of-state private school. However, the school must be able to verify 180 days of attendance/enrollment in that school. Alabama Residents may utilize our services.