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Christian School

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MorningStar Christian School is here to serve our high school families! We desire to help you through the process of Transcript and Bright Futures Scholarship Preparation. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide accurate information, on time, to our staff so we can prepare the proper forms in a timely fashion.

Required High School Paper Work

Our families work hard to provide a quality education for their their students and MorningStar wants to make your student's work shine on College applications. Therefore, we require our high school parents keep a copy of their student's Portfolio and Curriculum List, as well as a copy of the student's Volunteer Hours, Awards and Activities for use in Transcript and Bright Futures preparation. Colleges may ask for a copy of the books the student have read, or even a resume', which would include the student's Awards and Activities in their enrollment application. It is to the family's advantage to keep a record of ALL of this documentation. Please see the forms section of this page for downloadable forms.

MorningStar requires it's families to submit updated Transcripts/ Bright Futures Worksheets EACH Year, in order to reduce the stress of Senior Transcript preparation, for the family, as well as our staff. In order to facilitate this process, MorningStar now requires that each high school family update ALL forms during a Consultation between May 15 and August 1st. In addition to the forms in the Consultation packet (available below), you will be required to show our staff the student's portfolio.

MorningStar will prepare a professional, official transcript, which it will submit to colleges for you. The parent can NOT submit a copy of the student's transcript to a college. Please read the below information, and take note of additional fees and deadlines during your high school years.

Transcript Information

MorningStar prepares professional transcripts, in conjunction with the parent, which have been accepted by a variety of colleges in many states.

Bright Futures Worksheets will be completed during the Summer Transcript Consultation with the advice of our qualified counselor. All updates must be completed by by August 1st each year. Failure to submit the form in a timely manner will result in a $25 late fee. Rush Fees will apply if Bright Futures transcripts are required in less than 1 month.

If you are planning on applying for a Bright Futures Scholarship, then we need to make sure your transcript titles and Bright Futures Course Code titles match. Otherwise your student may not get credit for some classes and may be denied a Bright Futures Scholarship. (See Side Bar.)

It is the responsibility of MorningStar Christian to mail a copy of your official transcript to the college/s of your choice. All Transcripts are mailed via UPS in order to have a reliable tracking number and verification that your Transcript has been delivered. Each Transcript mailed will have a $12 fee to cover the cost of mailing the Transcript.

Important Deadlines

There are many

Important Deadlines

during the

High School Years.

Don't forget to check the

School Calendar

on a regular basis!


Early College Enrollment starts between November and January each year, depending on the College or University. It is your responsibility to verify when early enrollment begins for the college of your choice, and notify the Guidance Counselor, so we can prepare transcripts on time.

Please contact the Administrator to discuss Transcript Preparation and early enrollment by November 1 of your Senior Year. A list of colleges you will be sending transcripts and their early enrollment dates will be needed in order for our staff to send out the forms in a timely manner.

If you are applying for Scholarship Applications, please send forms to the Administrator, at least 3 Weeks before the date you need the forms completed in order to give time to complete the forms and submit them, or Rush Fees will apply.

Bright Futures Early Application submission begins January 31 of the Senior Year.

High School Forms

The Consultation Packet


ALL Logs and Checklists

Please download the

Consultation Packet.

Fill out and Bring the Forms

to your Summer Consultation.


MorningStar Christian now offers the opportunity to take an EOC exams at our office. Please Contact the Administrator for more information, or to set up your appointment.


Bright Futures Information

Bright Futures

If you think your student might be eligible for a Bright Futures scholarship, then our staff will need to know during the student's 9th grade year, or as soon as you know, so we can begin uploading information to the BF site. 

Fees for Bright Futures

A Late Fee of $25 will be assessed if you submit your Transcript/BF Worksheet after August 1 of the current school year for the previous year.

- $150 RUSH Fee, in addition to the fees listed above, if BF Worksheet is submitted less than 1 Month prior to the date needed.

See Fees Form for a list of all fees.


Bright Futures


OSFA Home Page

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Access BF Application Here

Course Code Directory

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Course Descriptions & Course Numbers for BF Classes